Nubble Dinosaur - Yellow

SKU: B2202

  • Engaging Dino Fidget Toy: The Nubble Dinosaur by BeginAgain is a captivating toy designed for little dino enthusiasts, offering tactile stimulation and endless fun.
  • Soft Rubber & Hardwood Construction: Crafted with durable hardwood and soft, tactile rubber, this toy provides a satisfying sensory experience for curious toddlers.
  • Develops Fine Motor Skills: Its unique textures and shapes encourage tactile exploration, enhancing fine motor skills and sensory development in young learners.
  • Vibrant Colors: Featuring vibrant colors and a charming dino design, this toy sparks imagination and creativity while fostering sensory play.
  • Safe and Toddler-Friendly: Made from high-quality and child-safe materials.
  • Ages 18m+

**NOTE: Nubble Colors May Vary**

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