Multilingual Toys

  • Color N Eggs Bilingual Puzzle

    Color N Eggs Bilingual Puzzle

    • Educational Bilingual Puzzle: Engage young minds with our Color N Eggs Bilingual Puzzle designed for ages 2 and up. This interactive puzzle promotes language development in both English and Spanish, enhancing vocabulary and cognitive skills.
    • Vibrant and Durable Design: Each puzzle piece features vivid colors and illustrations, capturing children's attention while encouraging hand-eye coordination and problem-solving abilities. Made from high-quality, child-safe materials,
  • Gear Stacker Toddler Toy

    Gear Stacker Toddler Toy

    • Multilingual Learning: Engage toddlers in four languages – English, Spanish, French, and German, fostering early exposure to diverse linguistic skills.
    • Educational Fun: Promote cognitive development and problem-solving skills as toddlers explore gear shapes while learning colors, numbers, and basic words in multiple languages.
    • Colorful Wooden Gears: Six vibrantly colored wooden gears of varying sizes encourage
  • Counting Chameleon Bilingual Puzzle

    Counting Chameleon Bilingual Puzzle

    • Educational Puzzle: Engage kids in learning numbers 1-15 with this vibrant wooden puzzle featuring a chameleon and numbered pieces.
    • Bilingual Learning: Teaches counting in two languages - English and Spanish, enhancing language skills from an early age.
    • Colorful and Fun: Each puzzle piece showcases a vibrant color, aiding in color recognition and visual learning.
    • Quality Wooden Construction
  • Dog Family Bilingual (English-Spanish) Color Puzzle
  • Cat Family Bilingual (English-Spanish) Color Puzzle
  • 321 Blastoff International Numbers Puzzle
  • Counting Toucan Puzzle